Hi everyone.

Not the usual blog post today.

It is with great sadness that the academy is closed from Saturday 21st March until further notice.  We will re-open as soon as the Government confirm it is in order to do so.

Mr and Mrs Walker kept the academy open for as long as possible with safety measures in place to protect students and carers alike, but it is very understandable why the Government have taken the measures to close all leisure facilities (of which the academy falls into).

Mr and Mrs Walker have spent almost 11 years building up the academy from their first student to the great academy that it is today.  We are all Chuldow family and we will get through this.  The academy will be there to re-open it’s doors to you all whenever this is possible.

Whilst these are unprecedented times, the safety of EVERYONE is paramount.  Whilst we are closed there will be online training videos, challenges, fitness videos, lessons and much more to enable you to keep up your / your childs training.

Please ensure that you have followed the link sent out in the text messages to access this free site.  If you have any problems with this please message the academy / Mr and Mrs Walker and they will help you get access.

Please post videos / photos of your training over this period onto the facebook pages so we can see how you are getting along.  Any help / questions you have regarding techniques / combinations / katas etc please again contact us and we will answer these questions.

This is a difficult time for everyone.  However, we would ask that you continue to pay your Direct Debits whilst ever possible (we fully understand if you can not do this due to financial restraints that you may have during this difficult period).  We will reward all students for their loyalty once we re-open.  If you continue with payments, this will allow our Phoenix community to re-train when we re-open.  As you will fully understand, a small family business needs this support.  We will give as much as possible back to you during this time and as outlined above, will give you everything we possibly can when we re-open.  IT WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN.

Mr and Mrs Walker and the instructors love you all as family and wish you all the very best.  Stay safe, stay positive and we WILL get through this.  If you need any help /support or just someone to talk to over the coming weeks please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are here for you.