With Karate & Kickboxing classes run in Knottingley, Normanton, Hemsworth & Castleford areas. Phoenix Martial Arts has an extensive training programme for both children and adults, we run karate & kickboxing classes 6 days a week along with Saturday days For Children & Adults.

3-4 Ninja Tykes

Aimed specifically at the younger 3-4 year old age group & new students, this programme will be a simple stepping tool for our younger students to develop the skills necessary to progress into the under 7 age group. Covering all aspects of safety & stranger awareness, including, fire safety, getting lost, stranger danger, social awareness & behaviour amongst many more, elements of discipline are hidden in the background encouraging growth through fun & learning.

Please check individual locations for times & classes


Our Junior Dragons programme has been specifically aimed at the 4-7 year age group with age appropriate content and modern teaching methods. The children build a strong foundation in Karate to prepare them to move onto the 7- 13 Junior Karate programme but more importantly develop essential life skills such as stranger awareness and anti-bullying.

Class content is high energy & discipline, varied and taught in small chunks so that children do not get bored. The kata and other techniques of Karate are similarly broken down and taught in a way suitable for younger children giving them the time they need to effectively develop their new skills. You will see improvements in concentration, balance, coordination and fitness whilst our aim is for the children to always leave smiling.

7-13 Junior Karate

Our Junior Karate classes for children aged 7-13 are a great way for your child to keep fit and well whilst improving their concentration, discipline and flexibility.

The classes taught at Phoenix Knottingley are tailored to the age group with the children learning safe and effective means of self defence. They are varied and exciting covering traditional Kata, techniques, self defence all whilst having great fun with variety of training aids & systems The children also have the opportunity to participate in light contact sparring if they wish.

On top of all that, for those children interested, we also offer competition in both Kata and point sparring. There is something for everyone with classes running on at all our locations. Check out our timetables for full details & to book in for a FREE trial and come along to see how great the classes are!

Adult Karate

Our Adult Karate Class is open to adults and young adults 13 years and over. Karate is both a fascinating traditional Martial Art and a practical way to learn self defence. Karate training will improve your fitness, concentration, tone, flexibility and confidence. The great thing about learning a Martial Art is that the fitness benefits come whilst you are busy learning and enhancing new skills.

Students learn all the elements of Karate – Kata (formal exercise), technique, application of technique, self defence and pad and bag work. There is also the opportunity to take part in light contact sparring if you wish. Competition in both execution of Kata and point fighting is also available should you want to give it a go…there really is something for everyone but you don’t need to decide based on this write up, just book a free trial and come and see for yourself!

There is plenty of choice of lessons, Check out our locations & timetable page for full details & to book in for a FREE trial and come along to see how great the classes are!

Junior Kickboxing

Our Junior Kickboxing class is open to boys and girls aged from 5 years and over it is a superb way for children to use excess energy whilst learning new skills and having fun. Children will learn the techniques of kickboxing using the wide range of equipment provided at Phoenix Martial Arts – Strike shields, focus mitts skipping ropes, punch bags & more. They will have lots of fun in a safe and friendly environment making new friends and all the time improving their fitness, coordination, discipline and concentration.

Children have the opportunity to take part in light contact sparring and we also cover self defence. The children earn new belts just like Karate and many go on to Black Belt and beyond. Check out our timetable pages for full details & to book in for a FREE trial and come along to see how great the classes are!

Adult Kickboxing

Our Adult Kickboxing class is open to adults and young adults aged 13 and over. Covering all aspects of your training from kicking & punching through to fitness & self defence. The class is a superb way to improve you fitness, flexibility and confidence whilst the learning and enhancing new skills. With our extensive range of fitness equipment including medicine balls & battle ropes, You won’t find the monotony of the gym here!

Our classes are taught in a safe and friendly environment with men and women of all ages and abilities – new people start all the time and there is no need to worry about your current level of fitness or ability as you will be encouraged to progress at your own pace whilst being pushed by your peers & expert instructors. We cover self defence techniques alongside groundwork too and if you wish you can participate in sparring and even enter competitions – although this is optional.

There is plenty of choice for lessons, Check out our timetable page for full details & to book in for a FREE trial and come along to see how great the classes are!

Ladies only Kickboxing

Our Ladies only Kickboxing class is designed to get you fit and teach you Kickboxing and self defence skills. This class is suitable for beginners, intermediate & advanced. We Cater for all levels & Abilities. If you’re looking to get fit and tone up, this is going to be a great class for you or alternatively if you have some skills, this is a good way to improve your techniques and skills.

Women learning Kickboxing often start wanting to tone up, feel fitter and feel safer. This class will help you to do that, it will also help you to build strength, speed and improve your flexibility. You’ll be burning lots of calories, hitting our bags and pads, generally having  a good time with friends and learning lots of new things. This class will have everything you need to boost your confidence or fitness levels & with it running through the day it still leaves your evenings free!

The thing that the Ladies attending these classes have in common, is that they are all different, Different ages, different shapes, different fitness levels and are of different abilities. In a nutshell, this class can be taken by anyone and you don’t have to be fit to start training, but you will get fit training with us, if you want to succeed & push yourself!

Check out our timetable pages for full details & to book in for a FREE trial and come along to see how great the classes are!